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What is a Solar Powered Backpack?

B. Turner
B. Turner

A solar powered backpack is a green gadget that consists of a carrying case or bag with built-in solar panels. Most have straps that allow the pack to be worn on the back, though some are designed as over-the-shoulder or messenger bags. The photovoltaic panels in a solar powered backpack collect energy from the sun to power a variety of electronic devices, including laptops, cell phones and music players.

Most of these backpacks contain a built-in battery, which can store solar energy until it is needed. This means that users can carry one of these bags around all day, then use it to power a laptop or charge a cellphone even after the sun has gone down. Both the quality of the unit and the size of the battery determine how much power it can store, and for how long.

Man with a backpack
Man with a backpack

These backpacks may use a number of different methods to transfer power to electronic devices, depending on the model chosen. Some use standard USB adapters, while others can accommodate a variety of power cords. Others have a series of outlets for plugging in popular items like cell phones or music players. A solar powered backpack with a power cord may also allow users to charge the built-in battery by plugging it into a standard wall outlet. This can be useful for storing electrical power to charge items on cloudy days, or when the user is out and about after the sun has gone down.

A solar powered backpack offers a number of advantages over standard backpacks. Not only do they offer clean, green energy, they also provide portable power that can easily be transported to different locations. For example, those going on a camping or hiking trip may find that a solar powered backpack is useful for powering cameras, phones or other devices in an area with no other source of electrical power.

These backpacks tend to cost several times as much as a standard backpack or messenger bag. The built-in battery pack and panels may also add to the weight of the pack, though they are removable in some instances. The primary consideration that must be made when using these backpacks is that they need fairly substantial sun exposure to work correctly. They may not be able to collect ample solar energy in a heavily wooded area, or on a cloudy day. In addition, some users may not find them as aesthetically pleasing as standard backpacks, which offer more styles and varieties in most cases.

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    • Man with a backpack
      Man with a backpack