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What is a Solar Flood Light?

Amy Hunter
Amy Hunter

A solar flood light is a light that uses energy generated by the sun for power. Flood lights are a common type of outdoor lighting. They are used to provide light to a particular area. Stores may have flood lights in parking lots or in front of their doors. Many people install flood lights to light a sidewalk or porch outside of their home.

Solar energy is free, so a solar flood light is less expensive to operate than a flood light that is powered by traditional electricity. Using solar power for flood lights does have its disadvantages, however. Solar powered lights are often not as bright as traditional lights. They are also typically more expensive to purchase. The initial higher cost can be offset by the monthly savings.


Certain areas are a wonderful choice for a solar flood light. If you want to install a flood light in an area where there is no easy or direct access to electricity, solar power provides the perfect option. Even if you have ready access to electricity, solar flood lights can be an excellent choice.

Before investing in solar flood lights, it is important to understand how much light you require. Solar flood lights typically include a battery to store excess energy so they will work in times of limited light. It is important to understand the specifications on the light as well as the amount of sun you can count on in your area before purchasing a particular light.

One way to utilize the solar power generated by a flood light is to only use it on an as-needed basis. While some people leave flood lights on at all times, or from dusk to dawn, a solar flood light that is sensitive to motion will save a great deal of energy. With a motion sensitive mechanism, the solar powered light will only come on when needed, and will go off without any additional effort on your part.

Finally, if you are concerned about the amount of light generated by a solar powered flood light, consider investing in a light that uses LED bulbs. LED lights are very bright, and their clear, white light provides excellent illumination. LED bulbs are also long lasting, which is an added benefit with flood lights.

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LED flood lights really are a common type of outdoor lighting.

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