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What are the Benefits of a Solar Roof?

Autumn Rivers
Autumn Rivers

Despite its often high upfront cost, a solar roof is a desire of many homeowners since there are so many benefits. Of course, one of the most well-known advantages is the ability to avoid having a negative impact on the environment through excessive use of standard energy sources. The reduced monthly cost of electricity is also attractive to many homeowners, and can usually offset the upfront cost within just a few years. Finally, most solar roof tiles look similar to regular shingles, which means that they can fit in well with nearly any style of house.

Many homeowners who opt for a solar roof do so with the intention of reducing their use of regular energy sources. This is because solar heating is known for getting energy from the sun rather than from an electrical company. Thus, global warming and emissions of carbon dioxide are reduced when using solar energy. Additionally, sunlight is considered one of the most renewable sources of energy since it will not be depleted for millions of years, while fossil fuels can certainly run out much sooner. In general, homeowners who opt for solar roof panels feel that they are doing their part to help save the environment, which is considered a major advantage.

A solar panel.
A solar panel.

Not only can a solar roof benefit the planet, but it can also typically help homeowners financially. This is because most of the energy used in the home is generated by sunlight, which means that it does not need to be purchased from the electrical company. Therefore, utility payments usually decrease drastically. Of course, it may take a few years to offset the cost of the solar roofing installation, but those planning to use this type of roof for several years should ultimately benefit financially from this choice.

A house with solar panels.
A house with solar panels.

Some people may assume that their new roof will look like it is from the future due to the addition of large solar panels. Fortunately, though, homeowners can use solar roof shingles or tiles instead of panels, and these tend to look similar to standard roofs. They usually interlock so that they can look as unassuming as normal roof tiles and shingles, and often come in various sizes and shapes. Homeowners can usually choose from a range of colors, as well, allowing a solar roof to blend in to nearly any style of house. Therefore, most people who opt for solar roofing do not typically have to sacrifice the appearance of their home to enjoy all the benefits.

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@Feryll - The price of a solar roof is considerable, but you should look into the refunds and discounts offered by the government for people who make energy saving modifications to their houses. Also, you may be able to get some type of special financing for a new solar roofing system.


@Feryll - If you want to help the environment but cannot afford the cost of a solar roof then you should consider other less expensive ways you can make a difference. If you cannot afford a solar roof then maybe you can afford a solar water heater. Your savings on energy bills won't be as much, but every little bit makes a difference in your pocket and in the environment.


That initial cost of the solar roof is a big hurdle for the average person to get over. I know it is for me. I recently bought my first home and it is a fixer upper. Between the mortgage payments and the money I have to spend on repairs and renovation projects, I can't see how I can swing the additional costs of a solar roof even though I know buying one would be a good investment over time.

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    • A solar panel.
      By: ryanking999
      A solar panel.
    • A house with solar panels.
      By: il-fede
      A house with solar panels.