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The Importance of Educating the Public about Climate Change

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Editorial Team
climate change education

Climate change education is an essential part of the battle against climate change. When citizens have more information, they can make responsible and informed choices. 

Learning about the consequences of climate change and what we can do to reduce our impact on the planet will lead to better decisions. 

Additionally, better awareness of climate issues will create a culture ready to address global warming challenges and implement creative solutions.

Why Public Education about Climate Change Is Important

Climate change education can change public attitudes around global warming. If the next generation learns about global warming, they can adapt and adjust their behavior. 

Understanding the facts around the issue can motivate people to take positive action and even provide hope for the future.

While support for public school education is high, it's not practiced in sufficient numbers. Schools and parents must work together to bring about this change. Educating children as early as possible can have a considerable effect.

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Reasons we need public education about climate change

Let's explore why we need public education about climate change.

Climate change education affects culture.

Another reason why climate change education is essential is that it helps develop a culture that cares about the environment. Research from Stanford University suggested that learning about the environment from an early age meant 83% of students improved their climate behaviors.

Counters misleading narratives

Vested interests in the media have been misleading people about climate change for years. Some groups spend huge sums on think tanks and campaigns to deceive the public and reduce support for climate change solutions.

Some misinformation results from the media's attempts to portray a false balance on issues like climate change. While this is standard journalism practice, the evidence does not support such a nuanced view. 

While it's hard to estimate the scale of these issues, they influence public opinion. This affects many things, like voting for politicians who will take decisive action to support other forms of climate change education or support for particular programs.

It helps students adapt to harsher climates

Another undervalued aspect of climate change education relates to teaching students how to deal with the effects of climate change. This style of schooling could explore how to deal with harsher climates, adapt food production, and deal with the fallout of extreme weather events.

Developing a next generation of problem-solvers

Even with immediate action, climate change will pose problems for future generations. Learning about the global warming challenges that lie ahead will help the next generation of problem solvers start thinking about climate change solutions as early as possible.

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How Can the Public Be Educated about Climate Change?

The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) says member states should provide awareness campaigns, programs, and information access to the public.

More public discussion and the building of coalitions in workplaces and sectors that will be affected by climate change disruption is another good idea that businesses can support.

Should We Encourage Formal Education on Climate Change?

Climate change is an existential risk. As such, people should be aware of what they can do to reduce the effects of global warming. That involves understanding some of the science around greenhouse gas emissions and other climate change effects.

Ensuring everyone has the facts will take some work. Schools and teachers have a responsibility to educate children about climate change. 

There is strong support among parents for climate change education in the US. Currently, 80% of parents think it's a good idea, with 86% of teachers agreeing.

So far, only Italy has made climate change education compulsory. While other countries might follow Italy's lead with time, it's not the only way to get information into the hands of students.

Other things that teachers can consider are:

  • Clean-up operations
  • Farm and wildlife trips
  • Recycling courses
  • Workshops on environmentalism

Any nature-related activities that put people in touch with the planet and how climate change destroys our habitats can help with education.

Impact of Climate Change Education

Research shows that the impact of climate change education could be massive. One recent study showed that if 16% of the high and middle-income nations received climate change education, it could reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by 19 gigatonnes by 2050.

Difficulties of Climate Change Education

A challenging element of climate change education worldwide involves reaching young people who do not attend school. 

In some countries, this problem disproportionally affects young women and girls. Estimates suggest about 132 million young women are out of school worldwide. Reaching these students could reduce carbon monoxide by 85 gigatonnes by 2050.

How You Can Help with Climate Change Education

You can engage with your friends and family about climate change in several ways. Having discussions is a good starting point. Not everyone is ready to change how they live overnight, so be prepared for some resistance.

Laying out a case for solar panels is quite simple. You can tell people about energy cost savings and reducing global warming. Additionally, let people know about the federal solar tax credit set up to incentivize homeowners to install renewable energy sources.

Final Thoughts

Public education about the climate crisis is essential. People can only make the right choices with solid, reliable information. Climate change is our biggest issue; we must do everything possible to save the planet.

We believe the public should learn as much as possible about climate change. That starts with knowing about alternative energy sources like solar power. 

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