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How Do I Choose the Best Solar LED Flashlights?

Alex Newth
Alex Newth

Solar light-emitting diode (LED) flashlights combine the energy-saving ability of solar panels with the light potential of LEDs to create an eco-friendly and functional flashlight. A solar panel on the side of solar LED flashlights allows it to collect energy, even if it is not in use, while the LEDs provide a clear light source when it is in use. Picking the right flashlight depends on the number of LEDs, the charging time and the amount of time the flashlight can be used after being charged. Some solar LED flashlights may need new batteries if used very often, but this is rare.

In the case of solar LED flashlights, there are several LEDs in the head of the flashlight that provide light. When power reaches the LEDs, they light up and give the flashlight its main functionality. A higher number of LEDs will increase the flashlight’s light potential. At least 10 or more LEDs should be included in the flashlight for it to provide a functional light that compares to standard flashlights.

Woman with a flower
Woman with a flower

After the power is spent, or the solar flashlight is used, light will be needed to repower the rechargeable battery inside the flashlight. This means the charging time for most solar LED flashlights is several hours for a full recharge. A lower recharge time allows the user to quickly use the flashlight again, without having it sit in the light, collecting energy.

When the flashlight is fully charged, it also will have a functional time representing how long the flashlight can be active. Just like the recharging time, this will usually be a few hours. In this instance, a higher number of hours make solar LED flashlights more useful. The amount of time the flashlight will be functional will decrease with age, so the purchaser should keep this in mind when buying a flashlight.

Some solar LED flashlights may need to have the battery changed after several months or years of use, especially if the operator heavily uses the flashlight. Getting a flashlight with a larger rechargeable battery will reduce the chance of this, because the battery will be able to store more energy and for a longer amount of time. Finding flashlights that guarantee the battery will not need to be changed for a certain amount of time also can be useful, because this will give the consumer an idea of how long the flashlight’s battery will last.

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    • Woman with a flower
      Woman with a flower