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What is Window Solar Film?

Anna B. Smith
Anna B. Smith

Window solar film is a durable, lightweight material that can be placed on the interior surface of glass panes to maintain a building's temperature, create a privacy tint, protect the integrity of the window, and reduce the amount of UV rays allowed in. This product can reduce energy costs by regulating thermostats and eliminating hot and cold air spots that occur in direct sunlight. It is popular in use with commercial architecture and schools, where it serves to protect windows from scratches and spray paint vandalism. These films are available in a wide variety of color tints to coordinate with any home or building's ascetic design.

The purpose of window solar film is to reduce the energy costs of a building by helping it to retain its internal temperature while allowing ample light to shine in. It serves as a form of insulation placed along the inside surface of the glass window pane. Hot and cold air are kept inside the building, while varying temperatures are reflected back outside. Some films also help reduce the fading effect which can be seen on fabrics and other materials that are exposured to sunlight over a long period of time.


The composition of window solar film includes various metal alloys, such as titanium, copper, gold, and aluminum. Films which include the more precious metals like gold, silver, and bronze are ideal for creating a privacy tint. These metals make the film reflective of the environment outside while preventing anyone from seeing into the interior of the building. These films are often used in commercial architecture which feature entire walls constructed of windows.

Durable, multi-layered window solar film can increase a building or home's security. This safety film acts as a reinforcing barrier that stabilizes windows when they are broken or shattered. This prevents glass from flying at any occupants who may be near a window when it is damaged. The film can absorb minor forms of damage, like scratching and painting, without damage to the panes beneath. It can then be removed and replaced more affordably than replacing an entire window.

The use of window solar film can also have a positive effect on the health of individuals living or working inside tinted buildings. Internal temperature tends to remain uniform throughout a building or home with films installed on the windows. Warm and cold patches of air are eliminated, and overheating no longer occurs for those who must sit by a window all day. UV rays are similarly prevented from entering, which can damage skin from excessive exposure.

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