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What are Solar Yard Lights?

Jacob Queen
Jacob Queen

Solar yard lights use solar cells to charge internal batteries during the daytime. They are generally set up so that they can automatically detect the sun setting, and they turn themselves on at night. Improvements in technology have made solar yard lights more convenient and popular. They serve a wide variety of purposes, including decorative lighting and even can improve security. These lights are made with many different designs and can be installed in different ways depending on the shape.

There was a time when solar yard lights were less popular due to various inconveniences. Many of these problems were because the technology wasn’t really mature. For example, most solar yard lights were equipped with standard traditional light bulbs, but these tend to use a lot of energy. This meant that the bulbs had to be extremely weak or else they would run down the batteries too fast to be useful.

Man mowing the grass
Man mowing the grass

Most of the main improvements in technology for solar yard lights have to do with battery time and light sources. Over time, companies generally replaced the traditional light bulbs with light-emitting diode (LED) lights. These use significantly less energy, and they can now put out a similar amount of light in comparison to a traditional light bulb. There have also been significant improvements in battery technology allowing for smaller batteries that last longer.

One of the main advantages that people appreciate about solar yard lights compared to other external lighting options is the convenience of them. In order to install traditional electric lights outside, someone will have to run wires, and they will usually choose to bury those wires in the ground, which can be labor-intensive. Solar lights can generally be placed anywhere in a yard that gives access to sunlight, and they will work without any other installation. Many are actually designed so that the posts they are attached to can work as stakes for easy installation by simply being driven into the dirt.

People like to use solar yard lights for a wide variety of different reasons. Some people may set them up so that they cast light on a flower garden or some other cosmetic feature. Other people may use their lights to help make it safer to walk in the dark. A very common use for solar yard lights is to protect a property from crimes at night. These lights will generally come on automatically whether someone is home or not, and any kind of outdoor light can often discourage someone from breaking into a property.

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Solar yard lights include three main parts: solar cells, rechargeable battery and LED bulb. No wires needed; the power is from the sunlight. The solar cells generate electricity, and the battery stores the electricity. For some solar yard lights, no switch is available; the LED lights will light automatically at dusk time.

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    • Man mowing the grass
      Man mowing the grass